Fruision Candles is proud to announce its first Wine and Candle Bar for Richmond Va.


This romantic event includes:

Tasting of Stella Rose (white or red) and light appetizers.

For inventory, please let me know what type choice of wine, red or white.

Any choice of vessel and 20 fragrance oils to make your luxury candles.


Dress code is casual.


To reserve your seat. Please go to: 

And click "Shop" and choose your date.


And choice of wine red or white.

Fruision Candle and Wine Bar Event Ticket - July 25th

  • What does the cost include?

    The cost of the reservation is $50.00. It includes a seat at the table and everything you need to make your candle, a tasting of Stella Rosa (red or white), light refreshments, and to end your night, your choice of chocolate.


    How long does the candle pouring last?

    2 hours.


    What if someone in my party doesn't want to pour a candle?

    Our candle reservations are for one seat. You are more than welcome to share the pouring process with a partner, but please note they may not have a seat if the pouring is full. In order experience the Fruision Candle Bar in the best way possible, we recommend reserving a seat for each guest.


    What is the age requirement?

    Because our candle pourings include hot wax and fragrance oils, children must be 10 years or older to participate. Anyone under 10 must be accompanied by their parents or an adult.

    Additionally, children five and under are not permitted in the  space. SAFETY FIRST!


    Can I take my candle home after pouring?

    Our candles require at least 72 hours of cure time. You can take your candle home, but it is not recommended to light it until the cure time is completed. You can also pick up your luxury candle later, or we can ship it to you for an $8.00 shipping charge (US only).


    Can I refill a candle vessel from a past visit?

    Yes. Frusion Candles loves when people give their vessel a second  life. In fact you can call our location to book a repouring for 20% off  or just drop your empty clean vessel off and we will repour it for you. (Please note we can only refill vessels from our wall.)


    Can I have a private event?

    Yes. Celebrations are always welcome at our Fruision Candle Bar.