What People are Saying About Fruision

I love love love these candles from Fruision candles. They are different than any other product I seen and they smell great. I can’t wait to Buy some more. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is right around the corner....

- Katy Rice

I absolutely love these candles they smell amazing I recommend these candles to anybody. There room spray is my absolute favorite I almost want to wear it as perfume they are that good. If you haven’t gotten your hands on these your seriously missing out. My house smells so good it’s so relaxing. I highly highly recommend these


- Candace Lewis

I ordered the North Shore and the Black Sand Candles as birthday gifts for my Mom. Not only did they arrived at the perfect time, but they became her favorite unexpected gifts! Her eyes went right to the luxurious packaging, which was better than anything I could have done. The scent of the candles as she opened each box was so nice! I mean she couldn't even focus on the other gifts When we lit them, they filled the room with fresh natural scents and created such a nice peace environment. And the way the wick of the candles burned was so clean, no smoke or popping like others do, just smooth and still. I can't wait to experience the other products Fruision has to offer! Trust me, you won't regret it!!!

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- James Adams

Oh my goodnesssssss! I just love Fruision soooo much! No one can compare!

Fruision Candles smell so good they smell so sexy, they make you wanna live in the fruision store just so the scent never goes away! You know that scent that you’re significant other has that makes you go crazy if you can’t smell it anymore? Their scent just makes you wanna be around them every second of the day? Yeah? Well that’s exactly what it’s like having any of Fruision’s products! Fruision candles are like no other candles you’ve ever had, and THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU! You can actually rub your fingers on top of the wax when the candles not burning and rub it in your skin! It’s so soft and smooth, it’s the perfect LOTION! Oh everybody knows especially the ladies know how it feels to have clean shaved legs and to lay in the sheets... that’s the feeling and sensation you get putting on and smelling these candles! Oh let me tell you, the wax also DOES NOT leave that sticky residue feeling, they last longer than any other candle out there, and they cover more space!! Fruision actually cares about their customers in every aspect!

If you don’t have any Fruision products, GET YOU SOME! ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Thank you guys for everything you do and we your customers appreciate all the time and effort you put into Fruision!


- Ciara Toppin